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Optimal Living Coaching

For optimal health, we suggest that patients enroll in our Optimal Living Coaching Program to help eliminate unhealthy habits. The cost is $50/week (about half the cost of an average coaching visit) for three (3) months (the usual timeline to see coaching results).

All coaching is done with Level 1’s Wellness Consultant, Dr. James Blum. Dr. Blum graduated with a PhD in Clinical Research from University of Maine. Since then, he has done clinical trials successfully in categories ranging from weight loss, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, skin conditions, exercise parameters, oxidative stress, liver function, prostate, menopause, hormone regulation, and more. He is devoted to helping those that suffer with chronic illnesses by adding compliance coaching to assist with understanding the science and strategies necessary for improvement of health.

With this program, you will receive:

  1. Coaching via telephone once every two (2) weeks for three (3) months. If you are signing up for LivingFree, LivingLean, or LivingSmart, those calls will take place weekly.
  2. Your choice of an Optimal Living video course (value-$199) through SelfHelpWorks, a leading provider of interactive online lifestyle and disease management interventions that reduce population health risk. The interventions employ an evidence-based cognitive behavioral training process designed to create lasting behavioral change. Participants can log on 24/7 privately and conveniently from virtually anywhere via computer, tablet or smartphone. View the Demo.
  3. Your choice of a second Optimal Living video course at a $100 discount.
  4. A 10% discount on supplements ordered for one (1) year

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