For optimal health, we suggest that patients enroll in our Optimal Living Coaching Program to help eliminate unhealthy habits.

Level 1 Therapeutics offers an effective weekly coaching program for Optimal Living. The course employs an evidence-based cognitive behavioral training approach that empowers users to break free of deeply ingrained habits that drive cardiovascular and other chronic disease.

With this course, you will receive:

  1.  Three (3) months of weekly Level 1 coaching by telephone.
  2.  A digital copy of our “Guide to Healthy Living,” a 257-page book to help you achieve an optimal lifestyle.
  3.  One of the Optimal Living Video Courses (listed below) – You choose which one you’d like most.
  4.  A $100 discount on a second Optimal Living Video course of your choice (listed below).
  5.  A 10% discount on supplements ordered for 1 year.


  • LivingEasy is a stress and resiliency course that supports an individual to create calm where there was anxiety, have fulfilling relationships where there was anger or frustration, and bring clarity where there was overwhelm.
  • LivingFit is a walking program that gets you moving. It is a 12-week course designed to transform even the most sedentary couch-potato into someone who looks forward to daily exercise. After all, sitting is the new smoking.
  • LivingFree helps you overcome your tobacco addiction without feeling deprived—no matter how long or how many you’ve smoked.
  • LivingLean allows you to break free and have permanent control over what, when, and how much you eat.
  • LivingSmart empowers you to regain control over alcohol without feeling deprived or denied. Completely confidential—no group sessions required.
  • LivingWell is our answer to the diabetes epidemic. Manage your diabetes (or pre-diabetes) with power and confidence, and lead a normal, happy life.


The cost is $50.00/week (about half the cost of an average coaching visit) for three (3) months
(the usual time-line to see coaching results).