Vital Whey


Vital Whey is a delicious 100% natural nutritional protein perfect for adults and children. In addition to its many health-promoting properties it is a great way to manage hunger and sustain good energy levels.

6oo g; 30 servings



Vital Whey is made with Proserum the finest native whey protein available. It is minimally processed to maintain the full range of all the fragile immune-modulating and regenerative components naturally present in fresh raw milk. Whey protein is one of the two proteins found in milk, with the other being casein.

Direction: 1 scoop = 16 gms protein
(if lactose intolerant take with Lactase)

Ingredients: Patented proserum native whey protein concentrate.
Chocolate and vanilla have gum acacia, stevia and cocoa or vanilla.

Benefits: It is very useful for hitting targeted daily protein goals. Whey is absorbed faster than other forms of protein, which means it also increases muscle protein synthesis used to break a fasted state. Whey also delivers a large amount of the amino acid L-cysteine, which can alleviate deficiencies that occur with obesity, diabetes and with aging, as well as other conditions. Whey protein appears to increase muscle protein synthesis to a higher degree than other protein sources in the short term. Whey will increase insulin sensitivity to a larger degree than casein when consumed by obese persons in a part of a fat loss diet. Reductions in fatty liver have been noted with whey protein supplementation, which is thought to be more effective than other protein sources due to the high L-cysteine content.

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Natural, Cocoa, Vanilla


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