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Optimal Living Coaching


Level 1 Therapeutics offers an effective coaching program for Optimal Living, a useful tool to eliminate unhealthy lifestyle choices. The cost is $600 ($50/week for 3 months).

This program includes:

  1. Telephone-coaching with Dr. Blum once every two (2) weeks for three (3) months. If you are signing up for LivingFree, LivingLean, or LivingSmart, those calls will take place weekly.
  2. Your choice of an Optimal Living video course (value-$199) through SelfHelpWorks, a leading provider of interactive online lifestyle and disease management interventions that reduce population health risk. View the Demo.
  3. Your choice of a second Optimal Living video course at a $100 discount.
  4. A 10% discount on supplements ordered for one (1) year.

To get started, select your choice of an Optimal Living video course (descriptions of each video course is listed below). Once you are signed up, you will automatically receive your discount on all supplements, and one other Optimal Living video course. You will also receive an email from orders@level1therapeutics.com on how to start your Optimal Living video course and Optimal Living coaching.



  • LivingEasy is a stress and resiliency course that supports an individual to create calm where there was anxiety, have fulfilling relationships where there was anger or frustration, and bring clarity where there was overwhelm.
  • LivingFit is a walking program that gets you moving. It is a 12-week course designed to transform even the most sedentary couch-potato into someone who looks forward to daily exercise. After all, sitting is the new smoking.
  • LivingFree helps you overcome your tobacco addiction without feeling deprived—no matter how long or how many you’ve smoked.
  • LivingLean allows you to break free and have permanent control over what, when, and how much you eat.
  • LivingSmart empowers you to regain control over alcohol without feeling deprived or denied. Completely confidential—no group sessions required.
  • LivingWell is our answer to the diabetes epidemic. Manage your diabetes (or pre-diabetes) with power and confidence, and lead a normal, happy life.

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LivingEasy, LivingFit, LivingFree, LivingLean, LivingSmart, LivingWell


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