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NuLean 28-day Program


NuLean Miracle Slim Down 21+7 Program includes:

  • NuLean Complete Body Cleanse – 1 bottle
  • Nulean Body Balance – 2 bottles
  • NuLean Fiber-Rich Protein Shake – 3 containers (Vanilla and/or Chocolate )
  • NuLean Quick Burn – 1 bottle (100 capsules)
  • NuLean Gentle Colon Cleanse – 1 packet
  • Tape Measure
  • NuLean Bag – 2
  • NuLean User Guide


Studies show NuLean Miracle Slim Down is a proven and effective 28-day weight-loss program. Excess fat is a symptom—a red light, indicating that you are probably suffering from both a sluggish metabolism and a toxic body. Excess pounds can contribute to diabetes, heart disease, and even some cancers. To lose weight the healthy way, you must cleanse the body of harmful toxins and provide the exact nutrients needed to kick start your metabolism. With these elements properly combined, your appetite will automatically adjust to crave healthy foods thereby cutting down on eating foods that are not good for you. All of this is easily accomplished with NuLean’s Miracle Slim Down. It doesn’t matter how overweight you are, how many diets you’ve tried, or how many times you’ve failed to keep the weight off, the Miracle Slim Down works on everybody.

The reason it is called “21+7” is that you do 21 days of cleansing followed by 7 days of maintenance care. The average person loses anywhere from 7 to 20 pounds during this period. If you would like to lose more weight you simply repeat the 21+7 program as many times as you would like, until you reach your target weight.

NuLean Complete Body Cleanse consists of life-enhancing herbs, organic teas, minerals, and special nutrients designed to naturally rid the body of toxins and fat.

NuLean Fiber-Rich Protein Shake is a proprietary blend of proteins, fibers and digestive aids to act as a nutritious meal replacement and assist in losing weight, maintaining muscle mass and energizing the cells.

NuLean Quick Burn contains over twenty-five botanical herbs and fruit and vegetable extracts combined with an array of vitamins and minerals formulated to revitalize the metabolism.

NuLean Body Balance consists of a synergistic blend of life-giving nutrients of designed to help you continue to lose weight until your target weight is achieved.

NuLean Gentle Colon Cleanse is designed to prevent constipation, while on this diet.

Directions: Consult the NuLean User Guide for detailed directions.

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Additional information

Protein Flavor

(3) Chocolate, (3) Vanilla, (2) Chocolate / (1) Vanilla, (2) Vanilla / (1) Chocolate


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