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LivingWell is our answer to the diabetes epidemic. Manage your diabetes (or pre-diabetes) with power and confidence, and lead a normal, happy life.


There’s no question that people with diabetes need to integrate healthy habits and patterns into their lifestyle, such as a positive attitude, eating well, regular exercise, regular check-ups and taking medications. But the challenge is in developing those healthy habits, patterns and perspectives. LivingWell is a unique, scientifically-based online course that teaches participants how to truly transform the way they think about and manage diabetes – not just physically but emotionally too. Taught by Registered Dietician & Certified Diabetes Educator, Janice Baker, it is designed to help master the three critical areas of successful diabetes management – emotional, physical, and educational.

LivingWell participants receive personalized digital coaching through 9 online video sessions and interactive quizzes along with weekly inspirational material, activity challenges, journaling, and progress tracking. There are also email reminders and useful checklists to help remain in compliance with specific physician-directed treatment and lifestyle regimens. Additionally, over 80 educational audios and articles – the Daily D’s – educate participants about how to live the best life possible with diabetes.



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