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LivingFit is a walking program that gets you moving. It is a 12-week course designed to transform even the most sedentary couch-potato into someone who looks forward to daily exercise. After all, sitting is the new smoking.


LivingFit is a science-based online cognitive behavioral training course designed to help sedentary people make exercise a regular – and enjoyable – part of their life. Unlike other exercise programs, LivingFit is designed to attack the root cause of the problem of inactivity. It breaks down self-defeating beliefs and emotions that cause people to avoid exercise, replacing them with empowering beliefs and emotions that make regular exercise something to look forward to. Using online videos, support tools and a form of exercise that virtually anyone can engage in, LivingFit incorporates a 12-week walking program that is divided into three phases. Each phase consists of four weekly modules, each with a specific purpose in propelling participants towards a life of regular exercise they love.

During the LivingFit course, participants will:

  • Uncover the disempowering beliefs and resulting emotions that lead to inactivity and exercise avoidance
  • Learn about the 8 reasons to walk
  • Start thinking (and feeling) differently about walking, their health, and the possibilities of choosing to exercise regularly
  • Discover the many ways their mind tricks them and affects them emotionally and physically to keep them from exercising
  • Learn to eliminate the psychological blocks that have kept them from exercising in the past
  • Set weekly activity objectives
  • Be encouraged to journal in a way that fosters awareness and self-empowerment
  • Track their progress by logging their activity and minutes walked
  • Join the 2,000 Minute Club if they choose, allowing them to foster group motivation by comparing their walking-minutes milestones with co-workers and friends


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