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LivingEasy is a stress and resiliency course that supports an individual to create calm where there was anxiety, have fulfilling relationships where there was anger or frustration, and bring clarity where there was overwhelm.


Persistent and unrelenting stress often leads to anxiety, depression, and unhealthy behaviors such as overeating and drug or alcohol abuse. LivingEasy is a scientifically-based online cognitive behavioral training course that teaches participants how to turn emotionally overwhelming disruptions into events that help them thrive.

LivingEasy works to transform emotional and behavioral responses to stressful events and relationships so that they produce power, freedom, and control. LivingEasy consists of 8 online videos along with quizzes, useful exercises and other support tools and activities.

During the LivingEasy course, participants will:

  • Uncover the disempowering beliefs, thoughts and resulting emotions that lead to emotional overwhelm
  • Start thinking (and feeling) differently about stressful situations and the possibilities of choosing to respond differently
  • Learn to make rational choices without resorting to self-victimization or overwhelm in the midst of stress
  • Discover the many ways their mind tricks them and affects them emotionally and physically in times of stress
  • Learn to eliminate the psychological blocks that have kept them from successfully dealing with stress in the past
  • Implement a simple yet powerful process designed to turn stressful situations into a source of power and control
  • Complete practical exercises that integrate their newfound knowledge and skills into their day-to-day life
  • Learn how to master their thinking, thereby actually turning the de-stressing process into a positive experience


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