Level 1 Therapeutics supports optimal health by providing current integrative medicine information, tools, and Level 1 nutritional supplements.


Once a doctor recommends appropriate lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements for each patient, L1T monitors the process and provides the best supplements on the market today. “Our team is continually monitoring results from various supplements on the market. If we distribute a supplement, then we will stand behind it 100%,” says Dr. Helschien.

Ram Dandillaya, MD, (pictured) is an attending physician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and a member of the staff at Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute. He has a special interest in preventive strategies.

“I have to tell you, Steve (Dr. Helschien) has really been a pioneer in this area,” Dandillaya says, ” I’ve been very impressed.”

Lifestyle changes such as improved diet, weight management, and increased exercise are essential to overall wellness. However, actually making those changes isn’t easy for any of us. That is where the Optimal Living Program comes into play. Health coaching is the best and least costly way to get yourself on the road to good health. Going it alone is just fraught with too many unknowns for the average individual.

First the doctor discusses all the medical data with the patient. Then our wellness coach discusses nutritional supplements, exercise, and weight management. A person who commits to any one lifestyle change qualifies for continued telephone support.

L1T is committed to keeping patients healthy through proper supplementation, education, and coaching to keep them on track and committed to their own good health.